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The Legend of the Brother Dragons

Back when the world was first created, there existed two Dragons. Both were brothers. Both

were opposites. Both were enemies. One Brother Dragon, Lumen et Pacem Bonam, represented and was

made up of the more peaceful elements of nature; A body made of Light, wings made of Wind, legs of

Water, and a tail of Earth, while the other Brother Dragon, Cor Tenebrosum et Malum, represented

and was made up of the more destructive and fearful forces of nature; A body of Darkness, wings of

Fire, legs of Ice, and a tail of Lightning. They constantly fought and where they struck a blow,

determined what happen on the planet. When Lumen was struck in the body, the sun would set, and if

Cor was also struck in the body, the sun would rise again. This battle continued for eons, seeming

like it would never end until one day, the Gods of our world, Lokar E Shriaka, the God of Dreams

and Darkness, Lokar E Doct, the God of Time and Wisdom, Tess Laya E Tess Wasa, the Goddess of the

Oceans and Weather and twin to Lokar E Daka, the God of Life and Death, and they grew tired of

their fight, so they struck the two Brother Dragons down to the surface and from there slit them

apart. From their body parts were the first Elemental Dragons. Earth Dragons, Fire Dragons, Light

Dragons, Dark Dragons, and so on. Each Dragon decided to associate themselves with each of the

gods. The Light, Wind, and Lightning Dragons chose Doct as their Patron God. The Fire, and Earth,

Dragon chose Daku as their Patron God. The Water and Ice Dragons chose Tess Laya as their Patron

God. And only the Dark Dragons chose Shriaka as their Patron God. Why only them, no one knows to

this day but some think that it is because they are the only breed of Dragon that can enter

Skriaka’s home, The Umbra Ragni, and leave without becoming tainted and dying. And that, young one,

is how the Elemental Dragons are said to be born.
It was a fairly average day for Dipper and Mabel. Well, about as average as you can get in Gravity Falls. At the very least, there hasn’t been any paranormal since the Northwest Manor incident. Bored out of their minds, Dipper and Mabel decide to take a trip through the woods, see if they can stir anything up. Standing in their room in the attic, Dipper is holding a check list and checking off items as Mabel calls them out. “Binoculars?”

Mabel holds up two pairs of binoculars. “Right here!”

“Check. Map of Gravity Falls?”

“Got it!”

“Alright, that’s everything on the list. Should be good to go now. Ready to go find some creatures, Mabel?”

Mabel blows a raspberry and asks,” Do you even need to ask? Course I’m ready!”

The Pines Twins grab their backpacks and rush downstairs, only to narrowly avoid colliding with Soos. “Hey dudes, what’s the rush?”

“We’re going creature hunting!” Mabel blurts out.

“Creature hunting, huh? Sounds like fun. Got room for one more?”

Dipper and Mabel look at each other, then the former asks, “Uhh, Soos, not trying to sound rude, but, aren’t you still technically at work?”
“Oh, I didn’t mean me, little dudes. Some blonde haired girl came by, like, not even five minutes ago. Kinda weird. Thought she hated us. Oh well.”

From another part of the shop, the trio can hear their boss yelling, “SOOS! Get your big butt in here! A customer threw up on the Pecsalope!”

“Coming Mr. Pines! Gotta run dudes. Have fun creature hunting.” And with that, Soos runs off to do his duty.

The twins look at each other one more time and Mabel asks, “Soos doesn’t mean who I think he means, does he?”

Dipper shrugs and says, “Only one way to find out…”

Dipper and Mabel heads towards the main room in the Mystery Shack and are greeted by the sight of none other than Pacifica Northwest, the twins former rival and now somewhat friend. Pacifica, wearing a similar outfit she wore when she first came to the shack to ask Dipper to help exorcise a ghost in her family’s manor except she isn’t hearing her sunglasses and her hood is down, was looking at the mounted fur trout when she hears them walk in. She turns towards them and says, “About time you two came down. Thought I’d have to wait forever!”

Dipper is the first to speak up, asking, “Uhh, Pacifica? I know we’re no longer enemies and all that, but why exactly are you here? Got another ghost you need to get rid of?”

Instead of getting a retort about her not wanting to be here unless she needed something from them, she instead lets out a sigh and says, “Honestly? I needed to get away from the house for a little bit. My parents… They’re still not exactly happy about me disobeying them and letting the townsfolk in. In fact, it seems like we’re arguing more and more every day. So, I thought I’d, well, come down and… and…”

Sparkles appear in Mabel’s eyes as she realizes what’s happening. “Oh my gosh, you actually want to hang out with us?!”

Pacifica rolls her eyes and responds, “Yes yes, no need to make a huge deal out of it.” Dipper thought he hallucinated for a moment but he thought she saw Pacifica glance his direction for a second or two before she continues. “It’s just an excuse for me to get out of the manor and away from my parents.”

Dipper smirks and says, “Well, if you’re going to hang out with us, you’ll need to change into something for outdoorsy.”

Pacifica glares at him suspiciously. “What do you mean, ‘outdoorsy’?”

About five minutes later, Mabel and Pacifica come down from the Pines Twins room and Dipper definitely notices how different she looks. Instead of the trench coat she wore coming in, she’s now decked out in a pair of blue denim shorts, a plain white t-shirt, a denim jacket, and a green hat. For some strange reason, Dipper felt his heart skip a beat before composing himself and saying, “Wow Pacifica, you look good.”

Pacifica feels her cheeks warm up a bit before rolling her eyes and saying, “Well, it’s me. What did you expect? I can make anything look good.”

“And there’s the old Pacifica we all know and love,” Dipper thinks in his head. Out loud, he says, “Whatever you say Paz.”

Pacifica puts her hands on her hips and glare at him. “Paz?”

Dipper smiles. “Yeah, heck of a lot easier to say.”

Pacifica smirks and says, “Alright, Dippy. Whatever you say.”

The smile leaves Dipper’s face. “Don’t call me that.”

Pacifica turns her head away and retorts, “Then you can’t call me ‘Paz’.”

Dipper groans and says, “Fine, fine, whatever.” Pacifica giggles and the sound make Dipper’s heart skip again and a blush forms on his cheeks. He quickly turns around but not before Mabel sees his face, a sly grin creeping across her own. “Okay,” Dipper thinks to himself. “This is weird. Why am I feeling like this? I haven’t felt like this since…” His eyes widen. “Uh oh…”

Mabel decides to wait until later to torment her brother on his newest person of interest as she scoots besides Pacifica and asks, “Sooo, Paz, are you ready to get going?”

Pacifica shrugs and replies, “I suppose so. Let’s go.”

Dipper holds the door open for the two girls and when Mabel goes through, Dipper warns her, “Don’t even think about it.”

“Think about what?” Mabel says innocently. “That you might have a crush on…” Whoever she was going to say was cut off when Dipper glares at her. “Alright, alright, I’ll stay out of it.” Not really believing her, Dipper closes the door behind him and walks faster to catch up with Pacifica, only for Mabel to mutter under her breath, “For now.”

Not even half an hour later, Pacifica and Dipper are already starting to argue. Pacifica is pulling leaves and twigs out of her blonde hair with Mabel helping with the spots Pacifica can’t quite reach. “Admit it, Dippy, we’re lost!”

Dipper growls as he looks the map over and over again. “No, I refuse to admit it, Paz. We are not lost. I know exactly where we are.”

“So do I. We’re in the middle of nowhere!”

Exasperated, Dipper folds up the map and shoves her face mere inches from hers and demands, “What is your problem Pacifica? You’ve been complaining about being out here since we left the shack. If you really hate it, why’d you come along anyways?”

Dipper’s face being so close to hers causes a blush to form on her face as Pacifica tries to form a sentence. “Well, I-I wanted to… Just…” Before she could spit out her reasons, the trio hears the bushes close to them rustle. “What was that?”

Dipper looks towards the source of the sound and narrows his eyes, trying to pear into the shadows when he finds two pairs of glowing eyes, one green and the other yellow staring right back at him. Dipper yells and nearly throws his map at the eyes as he falls backwards. The two pair of eyes come closer and eventually come out of the brushes, revealing a two creatures that Dipper has never seen before. One of them is  somewhere around 7 feet long from nose to tail, jet black fur covering its whole body that’s about 2 inches long and is about 3-4 inches from the base of its 8 inch neck to the base of its head. It’s shaped like a cross between a large cat and a wolf and is walking on all fours. Its back legs are shaped like that of a dog but its front legs are somewhat more human like, and its front paws look more like a humans hands, complete with an opposable thumb, and each digit ends with 2 inch claws. Most striking however, is its head. It’s shaped very much like a bleached skull, except without any holes other than its nose and is about 1 and a half feet long with two 7 inch spikes sticking straight out and two 1 inch nubs below each spike in a vertical line. Despite its somewhat small size (its shoulders only come up to Dippers shoulders), it is obviously rather muscular. Its piercing eyes are the same color as gold and its pupils are slits like a snakes’.

The other creature Dipper couldn’t believe he was seeing. Spreading its wings in an attempt to make itself look bigger, is a genuine dragon! Or at least, a dragon chick. The dragonling is skinnier than its friend but also about 2 feet longer. It has two back legs ending with two four clawed feet, and instead of front legs, it instead has two large bat like wings that span out easily as wide as it is long. Its back and side, tops of its wings, tail, and head are the color of coals while the underside of its body and the membranes under its wings are a dark purple. Its eyes are an emerald green and also slitted. On its head are 6 spikes similar to the other creatures, the top two being 6 inches, the middle two being 4 inches, and the bottom two being 2 inches. And, most striking, at the tip of its 4 foot long tail is a sickle shaped spike the color of silver.

Mabel and Pacifica slowly back away as Dipper pulls out his journal and pen. “Uhh, Dipper…” Pacifica calls out. “what are those?”

“I don’t exactly know,” Dipper replies, quickly sketching the first creature down. “but this is amazing! Two unknown creatures! How lucky are we!”

“Hey bro bro,” Mabel starts. “do you think this is a good idea? I mean, they don’t look too friendly.”

“Mabel Mabel, it’s fine.” Dipper turns around to look at his sister and Pacifica. “They’re not attacking us so they can’t be too dangerous, right?”

The two girls look uneasily at Dipper until a look of fear forms on Pacifica’s face. “Dipper, look out!”

Dipper quickly turns around and the first thing he sees is the dog like creature pouncing at him.
Graceful Pendant by kitsune2008
Graceful Pendant
Pendant is a very kind young mare, who treats everypony that enters her humble little shop with the utmost respect. She is very chatty and sociable but gets easily flustered when a stallion flirts with her. She dislikes fighting and becomes quite distressed when two or more ponies are fighting and will attempt to stop the fighting.


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Well, I am currently in the process of writing a new story called The Dagger and the Crown. It is pretty much a love story between an assassin and a princess and their challenge of being able to continue their relationship. If any one would like to, you can read it here… and if you'd like, comments, advice, and anything else would be appreciated. Just don't take it. lol

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